Bay Christian School was founded in 1999 on the realization of God's call upon us to meet the need for worldwide educational reform. It is our firm conviction that knowledge without wisdom leads to destruction. Our students' education is not complete if it only provides them with academic skills, leaving them without any moral character or tools to deal with life's challenges.

The Philosophy of Education
God has given us commands concerning the earth and, because it is His, we need to obey His commands. Each generation has the responsibility to train the next generation to subdue the earth and have dominion over the moving things on it.

What is Education?

  • Education is LIFE.
    Education is the communication of life from the living to the living. It is the communication of the values, elements, skills and principles of life to the next generation. The skills that the child has to learn are listening, communicating and reasoning skills. These skills are learned at home, at school, and at church. It is most important that all three areas are in agreement. Thus what your child experiences at home, must support what he or she learns at school.

  • Education is KNOWLEDGE.
    Knowledge is broken down into various categories. These are first learned in very simple form, and as time continues, they become more complex. When a learner becomes more mature, he or she may choose to specialise in specific areas of study. One thing that is very important is that he or she is firmly grounded in the basics.

  • Education is UNDERSTANDING.
    Understanding is defined as the ability to evaluate facts. If we do not understand the facts that we are given, we are not able to evaluate them.

  • Education is WISDOM.
    Wisdom is defined as the ability to make judgements in the light of the understanding that we have. It is God who gives wisdom, but it is up to us to learn how to receive the gifts that God has given us.

What is Christian Education?
If education does not have God as the centre, as the most important ingredient, then it is not Christian education. The Bible should be the heart (centre) of all education. Everything in education was created by, and points to God. A country which has character, based on the principles of the Word of God, is strong. When these are abandoned, it becomes weaker and weaker.

The "5 Laws of Learning"

  1. The learner must be on a level of curriculum at which he or she is able to perform.

  2. The learner must set goals that he or she is able to achieve in a prescribed period of time.
  3. The learner must be controlled and motivated. Controls keep him or her in line while motivation inspires progress.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded. When responsibility is rewarded, self-discipline is a by-product. Train a child in discipline and inspire the child to greater levels of achievement.

Christian education is the training for life from God's perspective.

Why Bay Christian School?
Our school was founded on the realization of God's call upon us to meet the need for worldwide educational reform. It is our firm conviction that knowledge without wisdom leads to destruction.

Our Methods

  • Individualized Learning

  • Personalised Monitoring and Instruction
  • Biblically Based Curriculum
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Discipline

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Sport and Extra-curricular Activities
At present, due to our size, we are not able to offer team sports. However, we do encourage our learners to participate in surf lifesaving, swimming and any other club sport. Futurekids (computer literacy), Art and Physical Education form part of our programme.

School Office: 041 466-2520
Website: www.pechurchnet.co.za/baychristianschool
Email: bayschool@pechurchnet.co.za

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