Online Teaching at Insight Learning Centre
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Online Teaching at Insight Learning Centre


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Insight Learning Centre & College, situated in Port Elizabeth, has expanded its services from a full time school to now offering online teaching.

The principal Debbie Kellerman said, 'During these uncertain times it has become necessary to offer online teaching to keep learners and staff safe. Many parents are afraid to expose their children to Covid19. Although we respect the decisions of the Department of Education, we also understand the fear of parents.

'In my view there is no guarantee that learners, staff and parents won't be severely affected by sending learners to school. No principal can give this guarantee, even if you take all precautions. With South Africa not even reaching its 'peak', we will be exposing our children to the virus, if it is on public transport or at school and they will possibly spread the virus between school and home. If a child carries the virus to his/her home, causing a family member to die, it will leave tremendous emotional scarring to such a child. Some children might even become orphans, which will contribute to more socio-economic problems for the country. I would like to prevent this at all cost.

Our school has already given our learners a week of training in using masks, sanitizing, etc. during March before the Lockdown. Our experience was that it is extremely difficult for any adult or child to keep a mask on for longer than 15 minutes. Learners constantly removed masks just to breathe normally for a few minutes. It was basically an impossible task for small children up to grades 3 to wear a mask. Therefore I can't guarantee that the virus won't spread. As I love children too much, I feel I can only guarantee their safety if I offer online teaching.'

Offering ONLINE teaching is difficult in our country with learners coming from different socio-economic backgrounds. All children must receive education and therefore a school must reach out to everybody. Insight Learning Centre has tried its best since April to reach all its learners in keeping up with homework. Some parents have limited data and this makes it difficult to teach only on online platforms.

The school will now continue with 'Online classes' and open its doors to other parents who are also in doubt returning their children to school. It is important that parents provide data to their children to be able to receive the benefit from online teaching.

Insight Learning Centre & College offers teaching to grade R to 12, as well as special classes (LSEN) to primary and high school learners. The school has a very affordable school fees structure.

If parents are interested in enrolling their child(ren), please send an email to: or

Please mention the grade of your child, as each grade has a separate enrolment pack with the correct information you would require.

The school will be open to take phone calls from Monday, 1 June 2020, between 08h00 and 13h00 at the following contact numbers:

041-3642319 / 083 304 6800 / 065 113 2233.

Learners may start as soon as their parents have returned the forms and completed the enrolment process successfully.

We are looking forward to welcome all new learners.

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