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Discussion Topics:

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    Posted by Vernon Every on Wednesday 15th September 1999 at 13:54:01
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Why 2K ???

Posted by Vernon Every on Wednesday 15th September 1999 at 13:54:01
2 comments on this post - most recent Friday 8th October 1999 at 22:10:52

My question is why, in the light of the state of our society at present and the imminent turn of the millenium, there is no obvious effort by Christian churches and organisations to prepare for a powerful public declaration of Christ. After all it is the 2000th anniversary of his birth giving us a real reason to celebrate in contrast with the mindless revelry of the world at this time.

What better time than now to offer hope to our country by publicising all that Christ is and has done and what faith in him can do in individual lives and which can also usher in the "African renaissance".

Does anyone know if something large and public is being organised (I'm not referring to the "private" Christian rallies like the Telkom Park one) or any ideas of what can still be done?

Vernon Every

Comment submitted by Christopher Holmes on Friday 8th October 1999 at 22:10:52

I am curious to know why Vernon Every considers the now cancelled Telkom Park rally as being 'private'. With most of the local denominations involved under the chairmanship of Bishop Eric Pike of the Anglican Diocese of Port Elizabeth, and with the participation of many local Church leaders (including Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Word of Faith and many others), that can hardly be called private!!!

Sadly due to costs, this large ecumenical celebration has been cancelled. I do agree with Vernon that we ought to take the opportunity to focus on Christ as we move closer to the Millennium (1st January, 2001), and I pray that many churches throughout the City will proclaim the power and love of Jesus Christ for all, and may take this opportunity for evangelism and proclamation! Praise be to Him.

Christopher Holmes

Comment submitted by Lance Kock on Saturday 25th September 1999 at 09:38:16

Dear Brother/Sister,

The Hope 2000 millennium celebration which was to be held at Telkom Park and which will probably move to another venue is meant to be the largest Christian event at that time.

I have a problem with the words "private event". It appears that you are not informed of the fact that this event will be representative of all the cultural groups in PE/Uitenhage and will also represent most denominations and churches. A wide representation of people have been involved in this process.

I trust that you will be there on the 31/12/99.

Many blessings,
Rev Lance Kock

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