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Calling GOD by other names

Posted by Senior, sane and steadfast! on Saturday 22nd July 2000 at 11:07:50
1 comment on this post - most recent Thursday 27th July 2000 at 13:25:54

Often in American Talk-Shows they speak about the 'universe', 'nature',the 'spirit' etc. when we know very well they mean GOD.e.g.:-Guests on the Larry King Show, being a Jew[sic] but also apparently an atheist, one can perhaps understand the man's confusion, but Oprah now has Gary Zukov, ex marine, turned author, apparently a spokesperson for 'the universe' also pontificating and [I believe] confusing more Americans about 'their purpose in life'.

I am concerned because this drivel is now fed into our lounges daily.

Senior, sane and steadfast!

Comment submitted by Vimvaan on Thursday 27th July 2000 at 13:25:54


Senior, sane and steadfast!

Welcome to the Discussion Forum. Please make yourself at home.

I don’t believe, in fact, I am positive, that Larry King, Oprah, Gary Zukov Or Depak Chopra, who was also on Larry King’s show, know or even believe in the existence of GOD as a person, who’s image and likeness we all were also made in. They and most people unfortunately due to lack of knowledge of GODS Word and good spiritual teachers, don’t know that GOD OUR FATHER the creator of the whole universe, and everything in it, including us, looks exactly like His Son Jesus and us.

We are all His sons when we believe in Him, and His Son.

As Jesus said, "If you want to understand the Kingdom of GOD or Know GOD, you have to have the mind of a child or be like a child". GOD is OUR DAD or as The Spirit says OUR ABA FATHER. Jesus even said, "If you have seen me you have seen the Father". Why? because they both look alike.

But as you say they see (the secret of Life) as the Universe, Mother Nature, a spiritual force, idolswith eight arms and funny heads and many other weird concepts of who God is or is not, such as our sub unconscious mind or spirit. Some even think they are God and are a part of him.

When have you ever heard any American or European ever talk freely or sing about GOD OUR FATHER the God and Father of Jesus. They I believe genuinely don’t know HIM.

As Isaiah said, they have been made purposely deaf and blind so they can not see the kingdom of GOD or any one in it. Let alone God himself. They don’t even know Jesus. They see him just as a very good prophet or teacher or Holy man, like so many others that God has sent.

We can only pray that God by the Power of HIS Holy Spirit will open their eyes one day soon before it is too late.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simply Spiritual.

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