"The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty" - Zeph 3~17

SEAVIEW MISSION OUTREACH operates from the Seaview Guest Farm. The ministry has been in operation since 1982 and the chapel was built in 1985. We have very strong ties with Israel - supporting ministries and taking tours. We are from a Pentecostal background being grounded in the Full Gospel Church of God. The ministry in the chapel is not structured on the normal church format and we regard ourselves rather as a family and try to keep as close to the "Church of Acts" as possible.

Anyone is most welcome to join us. 

Phone/Fax: 041 3781764

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    Our services are as follows:

  • Sunday Service - 10.00 am
  • Sunday School - 10.00 am
  • Cell Meetings - Thursdays - 7.30pm
  • Prayer Meetings - Wednesdays
       Men - 6.00am to 7.00am
       Ladies - 9.00am to 10.30am


"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature"
       Mark 16 vs 15

We Believe :

  1. The Bible is the inspired and only infallible Word of God.

  2. There is only one true God, eternally existent in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

  3. In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His personal future return to earth in power and glory to rule for a thousand years.

  4. In the Blessed hope, the rapture of the Church at Christ's coming.

  5. In the fall and sinfulness of man and that the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

  6. Divine healing is available through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

  7. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2 - 4 is given to believers who ask for it.

  8. Regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to personal salvation.

  9. By the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Believer is enabled to live a holy life.

  10. In the resurrection and final judgment of both the saved and the lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting damnation.

  11. In deliverance from demonic spirits and spiritual warfare.

  12. In the new heavens and the new earth and the holy Jerusalem, the city of God, descending out of heaven and filled with the glory of God.

  13. That Israel will be saved - that God has not forsaken the Jews, that He has a plan for them, that they are His chosen people, the apple of His eye, and that replacement theology is a false doctrine.


2013  –  5773


For you have need of steadfast patience and
Endurance, so that you may perform and fully
Accomplish the will of God, and thus receive
Carry away and enjoy to the full what is promised.

                           Hebrews 10 vs 36 (amp.)

 C/R  -  James 5 vs 11; Jeremiah 12 vs 5

This past year was a year of re-alignment. A chance to see that we get our priorities back in place. If we have not sorted that out yet we better do it quickly because this coming year is a year where we will have to endure a lot and overcome many obstacales and difficult times. I do not want to be a prophet of doom but the signs of the times are right in our faces. We cannot deny what is going on around us. Denial and Negativity have two completely different meanings. To deny something is to stick ones head in the ground and pretend nothing is going wrong around us. Then to be negative is to see the situation and speak doom over whatever it is that is going wrong. We as Believers are going to have to learn to assess the situation and take charge according to what we have learned and know. Many who profess to be “Christians” find themselves in very compromising situations and choose the easy way out. What we have to remember is that we are in this world but not of this world. We are running a race, a marathon and we have come too far now to cool down, turn back, slow down or even opt out of the race. Revelation 3 vs 16 states clearly that “because we are lukewarm – neither cold nor hot - He will spew us out of His mouth”

In saying all that – if we are in the place where God expects us to be then this year should be a walk in the park.

According to the Hebrew calendar the year 5773 is known as AYIN GIMEL. Gimel is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet and these are some of the words derived from it – Gamal- the common Hebrew word for camel. It even looks like the head of a camel. Then it also means – Give, bestow, deal bountifully, ripen, nourish, repay, reward, recompense. Another one is Gomel – which means benefactor or abundant giver.

I want us to consider the Camel for this coming year. Last year we talked a lot about “The Wilderness” but never looked at the role that the camel plays in the wilderness situation.

I have taken some facts from the American Bible Society –

  1.  Camel caravans were important to the economies of cities and empires.
  2.  Camels are the best desert pack animals due to their amazing strength.
  3.  They can carry anywhere from 350 – 1000 pounds each.
  4.  Passengers could ride atop or be carried in baskets on either side.
  5.  Camels can live on and digest thorny plants in the desert.
  6.  Camels can survive many days without water as their body stores and releases water on journeys.
  7.  Camels have callouses that protect them from the scorching sand.
  8.  The eyelashes of the camel protect him from the blinding sun and the blowing sand.
  9.  Camels possess an acute sense of smell that leads them to desert water sources.

Let us look at how this is going to impact our walk in this coming year.

Firstly, going back to the meaning of the word – Benefactor – Abundant Giver - That is our Father who is going to look after us in this very trying time that lies ahead. Without Him we are in BIG trouble! This is the most important fact that we must not forget. God is a Good God and He cares for us His children. The Word distinctly says that the latter will be better than the former. It runs through the Bible. No matter how bad the situation – God was there for His people. He is the all-sufficient One – so we need to get that into our spirits once and for all. He said He would never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13 -5)
“I will not in any way fail you nor give you up , nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake nor let you down, relax My hold on you – assuredly not !”

So fact number one - If we are doing what we are supposed to be doing….. seeking the Kingdom first…. then we can expect Father God to look after us in every area of our lives.

Now I want to look at the characteristics of the the camel keeping in mind that most of us are still in that Wilderness season and need to be doing certain things to prosper at this time of our lives.

  a.  As the Camel is a bearer of goods – carrying spices, etc,
We as the body of Christ are going to have to look after each other. “We are our brother’s Keeper”whether we like it or not. I believe that we are going to enter a time of bartering – i.e. You do this for me and I in turn will do that for you.
The number one thing is that Tithing and Giving till it hurts, will be a priority. Sowing and Reaping is a principal not a law. If we  neglect this principal –don’t expect any help.

  b.  A Camel has incredible strength. That is what we are going to have to have. Strength to withstand the onslaught of the Devil.
To take up our weapons of warfare and deal with him. We have become complacent and slack in taking him out of the equation.

  c. They are tough – and able to handle tough situations.

  d. Camels carry others. We need to do the same. Helping, praying, encouraging those in need.

  e. Camels know what it means to be satisfied when they have much or little. They can survive on very little when the occasion arises and they don’t complain.

  f.  Water – what they take in lasts a long time. We need to take in as much water of the Word so that we can be kept in long – dry Seasons. Without the water of the Word we will not make it.

  g.  They develop callouses that protect them from the hot sand. We need to get thick- skinned about compromise and not to opt out when things get too hot for us.

  h.  Their eyes are well protected. Be careful where you allow your eyes to wonder – the eye gate is the gate to temptation.

  i.  Lastly, Camels can smell water in the desert places. We need to develop an acute sense of smell regarding the things of the Kingdom. Discernment is going to play a big part in 2013. If we do not have it – we are in trouble.

I now want to look at our scripture verses beginning with Hebrews 10 vs 36. It says it plain and clear - We are going to have to be STEADFAST and have PATIENCE AND ENDURANCE – WHY? SO THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO PERFORM AND FULLY ACCOMPLISH - WHAT ? – THE WILL OF GOD, - WHY ? SO THAT WE CAN RECEIVE AND CARRY AWAY AND ENJOY TO THE FULL WHAT IS PROMISED US. Then look at the scripture in James 5 vs 11 - more or less the same thing -

We are going to have to perform like the Camel in the Wilderness. We need to take on it’s characteristics.
Looking after those in need – giving and carrying.
We need to draw strength from God’s Word and do spiritual warfare.
We need to be tough in situations where others would compromise and collapse under the pressure.
We need to be satisfied if we are abounding or abase. Stop complaining and get on with it.
We need to drink in the water of the Word to sustain us in this dry and thirsty season.
We need to develop a shell that will protect us from the wiles of the devil.
Our eyes need to be guarded so that temptation does not ensnare us.
We need to have discernment.

Something that they did not mention about the Camel is that it can run very fast. The second C/R verse is Jeremiah 12 vs 5. One of my favourite verses.

Oh the truth of this verse !! So many Christians can’t even keep up their walk now – How do they think they are going to run with horses as things get worse.

I know I have told you this story before but it is worth the reminder.
Many years ago Sigi Oblander came to minister in Port Elizabeth and she stayed here in one of our chalets. I will never forget the message she brought at the chapel. It was one of those messages that one never forgets. She spoke on “Horses being broken in” It really spoke to me because a few years earlier we had been given a race-horse for my son Daniel. He was only about five at the time. What a beautiful thourgh-bred – It was tame – I could groom it, I could hand feed it, I could put the saddle and bridle on very easily, Daniel could even ride it – it was tame. Only problem was – it was not broken in and when that horse got a fright or was confronted with anything out of it’s comfort zone it would rare up and throw Daniel off. So it is in the church – people get saved – give their lives to the Lord but they never get broken in and when a crisis hits they can’t handle it. They are like horses that are tame, and are taken into battle – when the battle rages – they throw their riders off and gallop away. Can you imagine the war horses ? Those men going into battle with a tame horse ?

People are giving up already because they are finding things around them failing and it is easier to go with the main stream than to swim upstream like the Salmon. You have come too far to turn back. Eternity is a very, very long time. My thought is this. Every one of us is going to die on this earth whether we like it or not so if I have to die for what I believe in – then so be it. I plan to endure to the end. Mathew 24 vs 13 “But he who ENDURES to the end shall be saved”……..

This world is spinning out of control faster than we can imagine. Everything that the Word has warned us about is taking place right before our eyes. If we can’t discern the signs of the times then there is something radically wrong with us. Messiah is on the doorstep, knocking on the door and we better be ready. We need to stop fooling around with the things of this world and turn our full attention to the things of the Kingdom. The Word talks about judgment beginning in the house of God. That is taking place all over the world right now. God is not in the entertainment business. He is into reality. Big is not necessarily good – small is better.
It is quality not quantity that counts.

Consider a few of the people who had to endure much before they obtained or saw the promise fulfilled.
Look at Joseph what he had to endure – Then Noah – can you imagine how he felt about what God had instructed him to do. All the abuse he had to endure – Then Job – how would we like to have been in his shoes? We can talk about David and Paul and many more. So many who were given an instruction or a promise – who had to suffer but never gave up – and saw that God was true to His Word.
You are not too old – or too young – get on with what God has put in your spirit and ENDURE TO THE END….. Even if like Moses you will only see it afar off. God does not lie.

One last thing – Israel!! Soon we are going to have to stand up be counted regarding Israel. The whole world is turning against her now. I believe we are going to see the Hand of Almighty God move so incredibly on Israel’s behalf in this coming year. The world thinks they can say and do what they want – telling Israel what they can or can’t do. Well, I have news for them – Israel is the Apple of God’s eye and they are putting their finger in God’s eye – Every country that has or is coming against Israel is going to suffer – South Africa included. That is why we need to stay true to God and to ourselves. ”A thousand shall fall at you side and ten thousand at your right hand side ….. BUT IT SHALL NOT COME NEAR YOU”. Psalm 91 vs. 7.

I know that if we are faithful, and have ENDURED then we will see God’s hand move mightly on our behalf. He is going to show Himself great on our behalf. We will receive that which He has promised in the land of the living.


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