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Faith Revolutionaries Stand Out From the Crowd

Date Added: 2006-03-27

Category: Revival News
The controversy fueled by George Barna’s current best-seller, Revolution, has raised many questions about the nature of the people the California-based researcher labels “revolutionaries”. Defined as born again people who have made their faith in God the highest priority in their life, who believe that their faith has greatly transformed their life, and who often express and experience their faith through alternative forms the Church, Barna this week released additional data about the beliefs, practices and lifestyle of revolutionaries in comparison to those who fit a more tame spiritual profile.

However, Barna also outlined four areas in which revolutionaries are substantially different than other born again adults, and vastly different from adults who are not born again.

Integration of Faith in Life

Perhaps the aspect of life in which revolutionaries are most distinct from the mass of non-revolutionary born again adults relates to the integration of faith into lifestyle. Barna revealed the following differences between the two segments.......

Beliefs Differ

Barna also pointed out that the startling difference in behavior between the two segments of the born again population is largely affected by their divergent beliefs. “Revolutionaries have a very different, faith-driven lifestyle,” according to Barna, “because they are more likely to take the Bible at face value, to feel a deep and genuine gratitude for what Jesus did for them on the cross, and because their beliefs lead them to attempt to be the manifestation of God’s kingdom on earth. Your behavior is a result of what you believe, and the manner in which revolutionaries live corresponds to a Bible-centered perspective on life.”........

Regarding Faith Focus

Whereas revolutionaries are partially identified by placing their faith in God as the single, highest priority in their life, such a commitment is common to less than one out of every ten born again adults who is not a revolutionary (8%).

Perceiving oneself to be fully committed to God helps explain why 91% of revolutionaries view themselves as a “full-time servant of God” compared to only 72% among non-revolutionary born again adults.

The research also discovered that revolutionaries more frequently make use of Christian media on a daily basis as they strive to stay focused on God and their faith.

Revolutionaries were also more than twice as likely as non-revolutionary born again individuals to visit faith-related websites in a given day, and more than twice as likely to read a Christian magazine on a daily basis.........

Transformation Is Evident

Apart from the overt evidence of the changes that their faith in God has introduced into their lives, the national research revealed that while all revolutionaries, by definition, contend that their life has been greatly transformed by their faith, the same perspective is found among far fewer of the non-revolutionary born again adults (67%).........

This is only edited excerpts from this article.
Date Added: 2006-03-27

Category: Revival News
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