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NMB: Transformation Christian Network Newsletter - March 2008

Source: NMB: Transformation Christian Network
Date Added: 2008-03-25

MASITHANDAZE : Transformation Christian Network


•    At our 2008 Annual Strategic planning session TCN decided to extend its vision of working with leaders in churches, business, education and government to include leaders in the community (NGO’s), family initiatives, arts/entertainment and the media.

•    Our challenge is to motivate and influence leaders in these seven cultural domains.  This, we believe, will enable them to tackle more effectively the 7 giants of HIV and Aids, crime and corruption, violence, poverty and unemployment, families in crises, racism, and sexism that threaten to destroy the moral fibre of our country.


•   The United Prayer Movement continues to encourage prayer throughout churches, businesses, educational institutions, government structures, departments of the justice system and the community.

 •   An exciting new development took place in the prayer life of the Bay when the concept of creating  a  canopy  of  prayer  over  the  whole via an  inter-denominational 24/7 initiative   was launched.  This took place at Word of Faith   Christian Centre on 23 November 2007, with the assistance of Bennie Mostert of Jericho Walls. The objective is to encourage 24/7 prayer throughout the Bay for every day of the month.

Picture: Pierre van Wyk, Joan Keeling, Bennie Mostert


•   Emmanuel Haven is an excellent example of TCN’s applied marketplace approach where all sectors of the marketplace work together with a common vision and goal.

•   This approach is receiving much recognition and won a World Leadership Award presented in London on 8 December 2007.

•   Anticipated highlights in 2008 are the launching of the Motherwell Community Radio station “Emmanuel Haven fm”, the opening of a 50 bed step-down centre, and the first group of children commencing Grade R in the Emmanuel Haven Christian School for orphans and vulnerable children.

Picture: Phumzile Mlambo Nqcuka, William Asika, Alan Wilson, Dr Mamisa Chabula


•   TCN has decided to partner with Famsa as it endeavors to facilitate a project to reposition the family and family life as a priority in our Bay.



•   TCN participated in a FAMSA workshop held on 4 December 2007 - during the “16 days of no violence against women and children”- on “Men serving as Role Models & Mentors”. 

•   The workshop culminated with those present signing a pledge to oppose violence against women and children, and to partner with women in eradicating this evil.

Picture: Erna Jonker


•   TCN continues to facilitate regular meetings of Senior Church leaders. 

6  CHURCH (Cont.)
•   This has resulted in the establishment of a fulltime office for the NM Bay “Youth Leadership Network”. The office, which started operating on 14 January 2008, is housed in the same building as the TCN office at 71 Main Road, Walmer.

Picture: Zimkhitha Lugodlo; Etheline Wiese; Laverne Gadiah; Alison Gooch

•   An exciting new initiative is the formation of a group of 12 “Young Evangelists”. TCN has decided to support these young pastors, who are mostly from the north eastern suburbs.


•   A pilot project of the NM Bay 9.2.5 Workplace Ministry was launched in 16 churches towards the end of 2007.

•   The objectives of the Workplace Ministry are to: break down the “secular versus sacred” divide, engage more workplace Christians in the “work of the ministry”, bring Christ-honoring change to the workplace, and to see God’s power manifested in the workplace.

•   We believe this ministry is unique in that it is a partnership between Christian businesspersons and their pastors.  The idea is that together pastors and businesspersons in their congregations will strive to breach the perceived gap between the church and the workplace.

Picture: Mike Smith


•   Our focus remains on building up a network of Christian school principals.   We will continue to develop this network through holding a number of luncheons and sending out regular messages of encouragement and support.

•   “Mothers who care” continues to grow.  Focus in future will be more on schools in the northern and north eastern suburbs.


•   Yizani Sakhe 217 Prayer initiative meets in the City Hall every Tuesday morning at 07:00.

•   TCN is busy building strong working relationships with the Metro Religious Unit and the Moral Regeneration Committees in an effort to work together more effectively.

Picture: Laurene Booth-Jones, John Huddlestone


•   In the last quarter of 2007 two new coordinators joined the TCN team. We welcome on board Mike Smith, who will focus on workplace ministry, and Zwai Ntanjana, who will focus on promoting unity and prayer in the north eastern suburbs.  During February 2008 Sugnet van Wyk joined TCN to assist us in co-ordinating education related activities.

Picture: (Back) Mike Smith, Pierre van Wyk, Trevor Jennings, (Front) Joan Keeling, Zwai Ntanjana,Tyrone Strydom

71 Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070      Tel/fax: 041 581-5726
Email: info@tcn.org.za     Web: www.tcn.org.za     NPO: 43 - 369Linking Leaders * Mission Field * Prayer * Enabling/Empowering

Source: NMB: Transformation Christian Network
Date Added: 2008-03-25

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