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Warning about elderly gentleman targetting churches in PE

Source: Salvation Army PE Central
Date Added: 2008-09-15


Dear Friends

I am not sure how to go about this but I did just want to warn Churches in the PE area of an elderly gentleman who is clearly targeting churches, and I can’t think of a better medium than this.

His method is to attend a church service and as people are leaving, to ask one of the ladies who is traveling alone which route she is going as she returns home. Whatever her response, he says that he is also going in that direction and asks her to assist him by dropping him on the way. On route he then steals her purse or money from her purse. This man is nicely dressed and well spoken and due to his age and manner appears to pose no threat.

A while ago he did this at another Church in Central, and left the empty purse in the street next to our church. One of my youth members picked it up and brought it to me. I phoned the telephone number found in purse and the owner of the purse had just gone through the above-mentioned experience with this man. She was highly distraught and very shaken when she came to fetch the purse from me. Thankfully, all her cards, id, drivers license, etc, were still there but he had taken all the money. Then just two weeks after that the same thing happened when he attended one of our services and stole R500-00 from the lady who was giving him a lift. I can personally verify these two incidents as I had/have contact with both the people who were robbed by this man. I have just heard that he has done this again at another Church – I don’t know the people involved but it truly does sound like this man is in operation again.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not sure how to go about sharing this message with Churches in PE because I don’t want us to be suspicious of every poor soul that walks into our services every Sunday but I also do feel responsible to share this information with others this man does not continue to take advantage of people in this manner. We continue to pray for His salvation, and that as he travels from Church to Church he may be convicted of his behaviour and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Source: Salvation Army PE Central
Date Added: 2008-09-15

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