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Praise God that there is ceasefire in Gaza

Source: Adrian de Villiers
Date Added: 2009-01-20


Praise God that there is ceasefire in Gaza, although very fragile, its better than nothing.

We need to persist with the fasting after Tuesday lunch to Wednesday supper, we need to direct our prayers in the direction that the Israeli’s and the Palestinians will come to Christ and heal from the wounds of the past and reconcile with each other.

The only way to heal is through the blood of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, and when people truly submit to the Holy Spirit can there be peace, pray and fast for the world to come to Christ, it’s the only solution.

The prayer directives are noted below.

  • For an increased manifestation of the Holy Spirit to reduce the demonic power to influence the people and bring the lost to Christ. 

  • For the lost to hear the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ through Radio, TV, word of mouth, crusades, church.

  • To place christians in peoples lives that don't have Christ in their lives that the gospel can be sowed into their lives via word of mouth.

  • People to start living livestyles in line with the word of God by been empowered by the Holy Spirit and thus transforming their lives and renewing their minds.

  • People to go to church regularly and ministers to rightly divide the word to avoid condoning Homosexuality & Abortion.

  • South Africans to be faithful with tithing(10%), and to pray for corporates to tithe i.e give sacrificially.

  • People and corporates will give time, resources and finances for skills development centres for the unemployed and the poor (this is a dire need in SA).

  • Pray for the leaders in this nation and nations of the world to come to Christ and be empowered by the Holy Spirit and listening to his counsel.

  • Pray that leaders of the nations will heed the voice of God to turn away from war and rather draw on the supernatural power of God, with child like faith.


Source: Adrian de Villiers
Date Added: 2009-01-20

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