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Health Professionals Anti-Abortion Defence Campaign Pays Off

Source: ChristianView Network
Date Added: 2009-12-14

Category: Issues - Abortion

9 December 2009


Amidst the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands of innocent babies murdered in the South African abortion holocaust, we have a ray of light. The Western Cape Health Department has admitted a crisis as younger medics are refusing to kill unborn babies. According to Health department head Professor Craig Househam, "Even more worrying, he said, was the fact that it was younger staff in the health sector who were unwilling to perform abortions. This could result in major problems when the older staff retired or left." This indicates that the Health Professionals Defence Campaign, a partnership between Doctors for Life, ChristianView Network, Students for Life, Christian Medical Fellowship, Pro-life South Africa, HealthCare Christian Fellowship, Christian Lawyers Association and His People Ministries is paying off. The Nurses union DENOSA, has also supported the right of conscientious objection by nurses.

Praise God, that the tide has turned in the struggle against abortion.  Despite the efforts of the Department of Health to brainwash medical staff with their 'Values Clarification Programme' in partnership with Planned Parenthood and also the efforts of various abortionists and pro-abortion medical ethicists to push abortion on medical students at university, younger medics are refusing to help kill babies. They have listened to the pro-life movement instead of the government. We must praise God for this.

The Health Professionals Defence Campaign, launched in 2003, aimed to help stop intimidation of medical professions, by abortionists and health department officials in an effort to coerce them to assist with abortions. We found that most healthworkers don't want to kill babies, but were being pressured into doing so against their will. The campaign has included the distribution of literature educating healthworkers on their right to refuse to assist with abortions in almost every hospital in the country; referrals to legal assistance; a lawsuit in defence of Sister Charles, who lost her job as a result of refusing to perform abortions; counselling to help young being bullied. At one Cape Town hospital, after literature was distributed on healthworkers rights to refuse, abortion stopped until the hospital sadly employed new staff to do abortion. The campaign has also included lobbying of the Nursing Council, who also recognised the right to conscience objection of nurses.  Hundreds of medical students and doctors have signed pledges that they will not assist with abortions. More information see: It has also included the lobbying of parliament and the Western Cape government in favour of defending the rights of healthworkers. Sadly, the Western Cape Government Health Department lawyer when approached to help on the subject, asked to be provided with a legal affadvit of information on conscientiously objecting healthworkers and implied he would use the information to take action against them. It has also included radio debates on the subject.

Students for Life, a group based at the University of Cape Town, has for several years been educating medical students about their right to refuse to assist with abortions, in collaboration with Doctors for Life. Students for Life also protested outside parliament against proposed law changes to make nurses do abortions and made a submission to parliament.

The fact that the government report on their abortionist crisis shortage comes from the Western Cape and reports that mostly form younger medics indicates that the government has their biggest crisis exactly where the Health Professionals Defence Campaign has focused most of its effort - and at a time when the students are entering the work place and being salt and light in society. The Western Cape has also historically been the centre of the pro-abortion movement in South Africa, and the University of Cape Town teaching hospital, Groote Schoor has been one of the hospitals doing the most abortions, and interpreting the law most liberally even before it was legalised on demand. The Western Cape, unlike for example Kwa-Zulu Natal, has not been historically a strongly pro-life area - therefore the indications are that the crisis in the Health Department is a direct result of the Health Professionals Defence Campaign.

According to the latest Western Cape Department of Health Annual Report "There are currently 36 hospitals in the province designated to provide the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy (CTOP) service. This service is under tremendous pressure due to various reasons such as the inability of facilities to retain or attract staff willing to perform termination of pregnancies (TOP's). This has resulted in unmanageable increases at facilities where there is still staff willing to perform TOP's. This has inadvertently resulted in reduced access to the service as is shown by the fact that almost 25.7% (3,665 / 14,257) of all TOP's are in the second trimester. Two rural districts have even had to outsource this function to a private service provider in order to ensure access to the service."

In the long term, we need to stop not only bullying of health professionals to assist with abortions, but to restore the recognition of the Sanctity of Human Life for Unborn babies, but reducing the number of medical staff willing to kill babies is a good first step along that path.

Nevertheless, the Western Cape Health Department is not resting passively in the situation, but "The capacity to do first trimester termination of pregnancies at district hospitals and community health centres will be addressed as a priority for 2009/10." In other words, they are prioritising the killing of unborn babies for the upcoming year.


  • Please forward this to encourage other Christians to keep fighting for the right to life of the unborn in the Western Cape. 

  • Praise God for answering our prayers against abortion. Let us continue to pray for the 'Health Professionals Defence Campaign' and an end to this holocaust against the unborn in South Africa. 

  • Please encourage your church to set aside Sunday 31 January 2010 as Sanctity of Life Sunday. This Sunday, commemorates the legalisation of abortion on demand in South Africa on 1st February 1997. Pray for an end to abortion in South Africa and read scriptures like Psalm 139:13-16, Luke 1:39-45 and Proverbs 31:8. It is also an appropriate time for repentance for the silence of the church on this evil. 

  • Thank you to those of you who have supported the Health Professionals Defence Campaign through protesting, praying, writing, giving legal advice and numerous other support services and of course financially. The campaign has borne good fruit. ChristianView Network has over the past five years expended a major portion of its time and financial resources on this campaign.

Yours sincerely,
Philip Rosenthal

ChristianView Network
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Source: ChristianView Network
Date Added: 2009-12-14

Category: Issues - Abortion
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