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Initiatives to bring Bay people together

Who are we waiting for?

Source: Trevor Jennings
Date Added: 2017-08-31

Category: General NewsIssues - GeneralIssues - Racism
Is it not time for civil society domains to reach out to each other and take responsibility for building our new nation? A nation of people that accept the challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment. A nation where the majority of us do care and want to be part of the solution. Instead we are allowing a number of politicians to play racial football with us in an effort to hide their inability to deliver on their promises.
It is time for us to reach out to each other to in a more intentional way on an individual, corporate, institutional and social level. Racism remains a highly emotive issue and continues to be fueled by not focusing on the real problems.
A number of initiatives building social cohesion are currently being promoted in NM Bay. “Whites talking to Whites about Racism” (W2W) and “What's your Story” workshops are currently being rolled out on social media, radio, breakfasts and church groups. Over the last eight months we have found that F.W. de Klerk, Max du Preez and Mamphela Ramphele were correct when they stated that whites need to help each other understand what happened in the past to their ‘non-white’ brothers and sisters.
“Whites talking to Whites about Racism” (W2W), is an ‘out of the box’ approach that endeavors to close the gap by attempting to give participants a picture of our history on two A4 pages. One of SA History: Black and White relationships and a second A4 page matrix assisting people to accept  that in order to shape our future together we need to understand our past. The latter simplifies our history studying it through the three major themes of political and economic power; labour and land. These themes help us understand how we arrived at our current problems of inequality, poverty and unemployment. Two additional workshops B2B and C2C are on the drawing boards.
“What's your Story” is being promoted in partnership with Heartlines and has already been rolled out in numerous churches, schools and university departments. “Whats your Story” is an initiative to get South Africans talking to each other. We believe that members of every family, school, tertiary institution, church, business, government and civil society organization should intentionally embark on sharing their stories through this initiative. Talking to each other could change our country.
If you are interested in becoming involved or finding out more information about any of the above initiatives contact us on or refer to
Trevor Jennings
28 August 2017

Letter to the Editor of The Herald 31 August 2017
Source: Trevor Jennings
Date Added: 2017-08-31

Category: General NewsIssues - GeneralIssues - Racism
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