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Postgraduate qualification in Group Dynamics at NMMU

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Postgraduate Group Dynamics

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
            Postgraduate Group Dynamics

Postgraduate qualification in Group Dynamics 

Make every second count by applying for an honours degree in Group Dynamics as more than 200 students have done in the past five years. 

This skills-based programme has its focus on the theory of group dynamics, group dynamics research, understanding of group types, and skills training through experiential learning. 

You can acquire competence in:
Analysing group and team behaviour, facilitation and training, developing intervention programmes, group dynamic research and more.

This programme in group dynamics will prepare you for a career in business, government and NGOs, human resource management, group-facilitated education and learning, training and development.

For more information contact:

For more information contact Prof Frans Bezuidenhout on 0415042348/4083

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