Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

Prayer for the Elections - 8 May 2019
9th to 15th June 2019

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Encouragement: "Now thanks be to God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ." 2 Cor. 2: 14
  • The Unity of the Church: John 17: 21; John 13:34; Matthew 6: 12, 14; Phil.2: 5
    1. Praise God for the growing unity among the Church leaders in NMB.
    2. Pray for that unity to deepen and to expand.
    3. Pray for a greater unity of purpose to develop.
    4. Pray for the unity in our congregations to deepen and to expand.
    5. Pray for agape love to develop and deepen among the believers in the Bay.
    6. Pray for Christians to humble themselves and to learn to forgive one another.
    7. Pray for the Church to learn to love the world. John 3: 16.

  • As we pray for the people of the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth, remember to pray for:
    1. Those who have lost loved ones; been injured; lost homes and possessions through the violence that has recently taken place in this area.
    2. The Church and community leaders in the Northern areas to have godly wisdom and understanding; for these spiritual leaders to have the ability to cope with all the problems, the fear & the tremendous heartache that has arisen because of this ongoing violence in the area.
    3. Wisdom, discernment and strategy for the SAPs as they attempt to curb - and even stop - the violence in the area.
    4. Protection over all the schools' staff & learners, as well as the SAPS; Clinic staff; Fire Brigade; Paramedics; & all those that would provide any type of service to the people of that area.
    5. The violence to stop and for those who stirred up and those who participated in these violent acts to be arrested; taken to court; judged fairly and sentenced correctly - for their sentences to be commensurate with the extent of their crime.
    6. A godly fear and deep conviction to come upon these criminals; for them to cry out to God in repentance and for salvation.
    7. For the healing and restoration of people's lives, property and relationships, after this time of terrible pain that the people of this area have suffered.
    8. The whole NMB Church to rise up; to care and to effectively help in the healing of the people of our Northern Areas. 1 Corinthians 12: 26.

  • Let us bless our President, his cabinet and all those that are in leadership in our country at the moment! 1 Timothy 2: 1-6
    1. Pray for each one to have a deep encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. Pray for them to look to God to lead and guide them - Micah 2: 13.
    3. Pray that God would give them great wisdom in every decision that they make.
    4. Pray for all corruption to be uncovered and rooted out from every tier of the SA Government: National, Provincial, and Local.
    5. Pray for all prejudice to be broken down and for love to fill the hearts of our people.
    6. Thank God for the open Christian testimony and pray for the protection of - body, soul and spirit of the Chief Justice of South Africa: The Hon Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng Mogoeng.

  • Pray for God's protection over all the members of the SAPS and of the Correctional Services, as well as all their family members. Keep them safe from all danger and harm.

Remember the promise:
 ... pray to the Lord for the city because if it prospers, you will prosper.  Jeremiah 29:7

Prayer pointers supplied by NMB: Transformation Christian Network.
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17 June 2019 (Monday)
  -  Youth Prayer event hosted by Womb Stewardship  [more info]  [Email me]

5 July 2019 (Friday) - 7 July (Sunday)
  -  The Sending   [more info]  [website]

13 July 2019 (Saturday)
  -  Deliverance/Healing Prayer Meeting  [more info]  [Email me]

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