Global Prayer Watch Nelson Mandela Bay 9-16 Oct 2016

Global Prayer Watch Nelson Mandela Bay 9-16 Oct 2016

7 DAYS on the WALL
You are invited to our next Prayer Watch in Nelson Mandela Bay
that will take place from Sunday 9th to Sunday 16th October 2016

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The prayer watch is a combined effort of the Nelson Mandela Bay Transformation Christian Network, local churches and Jericho Walls International Prayer Network's Global Prayer watch. By joining this Prayer Watch you will become part of a global Prayer Watch during 2016 that is praying non-stop for revival. It forms part of the "7-days-on- the-wall" initiative urgently calling all Christians in South Africa (local churches, prayer watches, organizations and individuals) to take 7 days (168 hours) to pray literally night-and-day, earnestly seeking God for revival in South Africa.



The Prayer Watch in Nelson Mandela Bay starts on Sunday 9 September and concludes on 16 October 2016. Churches and prayer groups are challenged to take one one day or more , during this timeframe to participate in this initiative. The prayer network in Nelson Mandela Bay has opted to participate during the week of 9 to 16 October 2016. Churches and groups participate by mobilising members to join together in a prayer room for at least one hour for prayer every day of the 7 day period. This prayer gathering could be in an office, house or church building but it is preferred to be a facility dedicated just for the purpose of praying during this time. Additionally, churches and groups are challenged to mobilise as many people to fill up a 24/7 prayer roster for the remainder of the week.

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How to Register

1.  Register your participation by contacting any of the coordinators listed below.

2.  Please also register online at:

Prayer Focus

The Prayer Watch has a three fold focus:

SOCIAL JUSTICE - Luke 18:7-8 

More detailed information can be found at the resource links below.

Why Now? Why 24/7?

People all over the nation are losing hope and trust as their personal circumstances become increasingly more challenging. The economy is not growing fast enough to create enough jobs and is even slowing down rapidly. Crime is getting out of control. The moral decay of our younger generation is evident with teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and alcoholism increasing. Alarming statistics show that church attendance is dropping in basically all denominations. Less than 10 million of the 50 million people in the country testify that they have a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Our nation is in a crisis. 24/7 Prayer is a key in unlocking Gods grace over our nation that can bring revival again to our doorsteps. History has proven that whenever Gods servants prayed 24/7 God responded in a much bigger way that ever before.

The Promise

The challenge is simple and the promise straight forward. In Isaiah 62:6-7 God is calling watchmen to pray night-and-day for peace and restoration. Jesus says in Luke 18:7 that if we pray night and day the Father will make right what is wrong.


Joan Keeling 084 766 2270 (Port Elizabeth) or
Norma Mzizi 078 599 0064 (Motherwell)
Lulu Mbeja 083 268 6700 (Kwazekele)
Pierre van Wyk 083 370 3592 (Uitenhage/Despatch) or at
Global Prayer Watch Website:

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Thank you for your participation in the 7 Days on the Wall Global Prayer watch !!!