Testimony: Shaun & Diana Gouws

Testimony: Shaun & Diana Gouws

How the Lord provided a car for us

1 March 2002

Diana and I entered self-supporting fulltime ministry with PE Church Net about 3 years ago (May 1999), about 9 months after my business folded. Although we have felt the Lord's calling, and being in ministry has been a blessing to us, it has been a struggle financially with many ups and downs.

After our battered 28 year old Datsun was stolen from outside our church at the end of October 2001, we were at a loss for transport as we had no financial means of replacing it. We felt blessed to have the use of some other vehicles for a time, first my Mom's Sierra and then Diana's Mom's Golf from the beginning of December. However we felt the strain of using someone else's oldish borrowed car as we experienced a number of mechanical problems with the Golf. In the nature of our work, we were putting considerable mileage on the car every month. So it was that we decided to return the car to her at the end of January, come what may. The whole time, we never felt any real anxiety about the car situation (not usual for us!!). However as the end of the month drew closer, I started making plans in the back of my mind about what we would do in February - maybe borrow a car one day a week so I could make my calls, scrounge a lift here and there. Another obvious difficulty was Diana working, and needing to get back and forth each day. Still, trust in the Lord .....

Secondly, about a week before the end of January Diana and I were having a "discussion" about my commitment to the work of PE Church Net. To give some background: I must admit to feeling to be in somewhat of a dilemma - a firm conviction that I was (still) called to the work of this ministry, but knowing that Diana was wrestling with the financial hardships we have been facing. The difficulty ... I must put my wife first, in the God-given order of things. Still seeking answers to our financial situation --- where Lord, and how? Anyway, Diana was saying that she couldn't face another year of uncertainty, that something must change. "I need a sign ... a big sign .... frankly, a car would be a sign."

Well, four days later I came home from the weekly Wednesday early prayer meeting at church and told her .... "our car is coming". She just laughed for several minutes. On Saturday afternoon 2nd February the car was standing in our driveway .... a 1986 Ford Laser 1500 in great condition, with all the "mod-cons" we had been missing : 5th gear, intermittent wipers, etc. !! Praise the Lord for His goodness to us.

I know where the car came from, but I'm not exactly sure how a group of brothers arranged to bless us. Most of all though I am amazed at the Lord's awesome timing in all this, how He leads us down the road of faith and never fails us. We serve an awesome God.

Shaun Gouws

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