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Uviwe Child & Youth Services

Don't let Covid-19 leave them behind

Uviwe - you are heard
Our world looks different today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unknown.
Yet - every child still deserves an opportunity to be happy, educated, healthy and safe.

#Leave no Child Behind Campaign is about ensuring that vulnerable kids from low-income communities are not forgotten, or left behind - as victims during & beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.
Forgotten children from the Northern Areas of Nelson Mandela Bay:
Vulnerable children and youth in the Northern Areas of Nelson Mandela Bay are now, more than ever, afflicted by poverty and hunger, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Their education is disrupted and they are left confused and frightened, while their family falls ill, or can't work. Their lives are put at risk, their safety and well-being compromised and they wander around the streets meaninglessly.

Many face the possibility of being forgotten and left behind during & beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the community of Schauderville you notice children being exposed to neglect, unemployment, drugs and gang violence. Children are impacted negatively, but they are not forced to abide by gang rules, just because of their address. In Gelvandale/Helenvale most girls and boys are forced into situations they do not have control over. Girls are raped for being in another gang's territory.

An urgent call for action:
There is an urgent call to step in to make sure vulnerable children and youth are not left behind.

At UVIWE we realised the need to upscale our response, to not only fight the spread of the coronavirus, but to also ensure vulnerable children and youth are not left behind.

As one nation we need to come together like never before. Let us not leave the most vulnerable, our children behind. Covid-19 should not be a death sentence for children.
Leave no child behind
Covid-19 Action Plan to Keep Children #safe #educated #healthy & Youth #employed

UVIWE's action plan offers sustainable solutions, while dealing with the challenges presented by the global outbreak of COVID-19. We all had to adapt rapidly to the emerging 'different normal', acknowledging that this is more difficult for vulnerable children and youth in low-income communities.

Our Covid-19 Action Plan is based on our three-fold strategy to ensure that no child is left behind
- from first steps to first job:
1. Provide immediate RELIEF during lockdown.
2. RESTORE opportunities for vulnerable children & youth to continue to learn, grow, and thrive in safe spaces and with nutrition support, adapting to a "different" normal, as lockdown levels are lifted and
3. RENEW our ECD, Teens and Youth development programmes to ensure children and youth are
overcomers and can thrive in the long term.
Let us work together to make sure

No child is left behind - to die of malnutrition

No child is left behind - to become a victim of abuse

No child is left behind - to fail at school

No child is left behind - to fail at life

No child is left behind - with only a gang to
A child without options
Let's reimagine a better life for every child Beyond Covid-19

You can help UVIWE to # Leave No Child Behind. We put your donation to work.

We've created different opportunities for you to make a meaningful difference during & beyond Covid-19.

We can all play a part to make sure vulnerable children and at risk youth have opportunities to reach their full potential. Extensive financial resources are needed for us to continue to protect the most vulnerable, while starting up education and development programmes to help young people succeed at school.

UVIWE's Siya Phambili - Youth Moving Forward - programme aims to help young people succeed at life and creating self-employment opportunities to make sure they can participate in the economic rebuilding of their community. A future project is to establish a #TechHub in Schauderville to ensure access to the internet and safe online learning opportunities for families.

Together we can achieve massive things, even while the country is in lockdown and the world is dealing with a global health pandemic!

There is a Vulnerable Child who Depends on your Donation Today


Find out more about the heartbeat of UVIWE and the areas of impact in young people's lives: www.uviwe.co.za


Contact us at: uviwe@uviwe.org or 082 924 8941

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