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St Katharine's Anglican Church

Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Address where meetings are held  map
cnr Market & Durban Street
Uitenhage Central
Postal Address
Postnet Suite No. 26
Private Bag X12
6230  Uitenhage
Tel: 041 992 1983
Fax: 086 623 1259
Email us
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Deacon: Revd Pam Joubert
Self Supporting Priest: Revd Veronica Dobo
Children’s Church Superintendent: Ms Marlene Shaw
Youth Leader: Mr Dane Barry
Prayer/Intercession: Revd Pam Joubert
Music Ministry: Mr Danie Haupt
Men's Ministry: Mr Mervyn Kivedo
Women’s Fellowship Chairlady: Ms Patty Mathews
St Katharine's church's foundation stone was laid in 1867, and it is from this date that anniversaries are counted. The building was completed in 1875, and named and dedicated by the Rev. William Llewellyn.

In1894 the chancel was added, and in 1966 the iconic slate roof replaced the galvanised iron roof.

The church is built in a simple Gothic architectural style with stones quarried from the vicinity of the "Hillwacht" farm, and carted by ox-wagon to the site where stone masons built the original structure.

Presently we are centrally located within the town CBD, and use this to our advantage to minister to the persons within our community.

We welcome visitors, and encourage all persons to become involved within our ministries, as well as fellowship groups.

Join us on a Sunday either for the 7:30, or 9:30 services, or on a Wednesday for the 9:30 service.

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