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Classified Ads - I Want ...

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  • LOOKING FOR A TV - We are looking for a television set for our family. Either in donation or buying not more than R500. Call 0733498124 or email graciem.info@gmail.com. Can collect.  [ Email me ] ... posted 11 Jul 2020New
  • 80'S JURGENS CARAVAN - We want to start camping as a young family. If you have a well looked after Jurgens caravan from the 70's or 80's to sell please Whats-app me - 082 494 0576. ... posted 09 Jul 2020New
  • LOOKING FOR .... - I am looking for an old Monopoly set with money that you play with, not new set with bank card. Looking for good 2nd hand red curtains and scatter cushions to buy. Good 2nd hand boys clothes age 13 years to buy. Contact Heather 0817410952.  [ Email me ] ... posted 07 Jul 2020New
  • LOOKING FOR FOOD - I'm 40 years old lady looking for food. I can do any cleaning job and then you can pay me with food. My number 0625971157.  [ Email me ] ... posted 05 Jul 2020
  • GOOD SECOND HAND BED - I am looking for second hand double or queen bed in good condition. App/call on 0676586497.  [ Email me ] ... posted 02 Jul 2020
  • LOOKING FOR PVC OR TARPS TO COVER MY POOL - Looking for PVC or Tarps to cover my pool, the size of my pool is 9m x 4.5m. Even if I found two or three pieces of canvas PVC I can stick them together. Please contact me at Romano 0829637074.  [ Email me ] ... posted 29 Jun 2020
  • BUNNY AERIAL WANTED - I am looking for an old working bunny aerial. I can't afford to pay much as I am a pensioner! Cheryl Nel.  [ Email me ] ... posted 27 Jun 2020
  • SECOND HAND CARAVAN - I am looking for a 2nd hand caravan. Plse whatsapp me on 0724702979.  [ Email me ] ... posted 26 Jun 2020
  • SECOND HAND WORKING WASHING MACHINE - I am looking for a good working second hand washing machine for a young gentleman living in flatlet in Walmer, he walks to work and back near airport and desperately needs a washing machine for his working clothes, not too expensive. Phone Tilley 0609056501 or whatsapp, urgent please.  [ Email me ] ... posted 25 Jun 2020
  • FAMILY NEEDS SMALL/BAR FRIDGE - Some young people in my family are just starting out and need a small fridge. You can WhatsApp or call me on 084 2071088 or email me. Can afford to pay a little, not a lot.  [ Email me ] ... posted 25 Jun 2020
  • BABY PRAM - I'm looking for a nice baby pram.  [ Email me ] ... posted 24 Jun 2020
  • PLASTIC POOL COVER NEEDED - I need urgently a plastic pool cover for a pool 9 metre x 4.2 metre. In good condition. You can contact me at Romano 0829637074.  [ Email me ] ... posted 11 Jun 2020
  • PENSIONER SEEKING TV - I am a lady SASSA pensioner who is looking for an old unwanted TV. I can't afford to pay very much, but if there is any way you would be able to help it would be very much appreciated.  [ Email me ] ... posted 11 Jun 2020
  • HOLY COW! - Does anyone have a copy of this amazing book by Hope Egan? Seems it is out of print and I am desperately looking for a copy. Will pay up to R200 for a really good condition copy. Please call me on 0718092887 or mail me.  [ Email me ] ... posted 06 Jun 2020
  • LOVEBIRDS WANTED - Pensioner wants Lovebirds but can't afford to pay much. Please contact Jacqui on 0737745747.  [ Email me ] ... posted 06 Jun 2020
  • EXERCISE BICYCLE NEEDED - I'm looking for an exercise bicycle preferably a newer model. If you have one that you aren't using and would like to sell it. Email or whatsapp me on 0785061824.  [ Email me ] ... posted 05 Jun 2020
  • WANT TO BUY - Wardrobe with hanging and packing space. Pls call Elize. Cell 0724800936. ... posted 04 Jun 2020
  • SCOOTER WANTED TO HELP ME, HELP MY MOM - I'm really desperate to get some sort of vehicle to help spend a little bit of time each day with my dying mom. I'm also broke and need time to save up - but she won't last that long. PLEASE, anyone with an old unwanted scooter?  [ Email me ] ... posted 04 Jun 2020
  • FRAMEBY HIGH SCHOOL HANDBOOKS - I am urgently looking for the following Afrikaans handbooks: Grade 10 Piekfyn Afrikaans, English Handbook and Study Guide Gr10, Oxford English Grammar - Advanced Guide, Via Afrika Besigheidsstudies Gr10, Via Afrikaans Toerisme Gr 10, Verken Verbruikers Studie Gr10, Verken Lewensorietering Gr 10, Almal verstaan Wiskunde GR10. Wessel 074 653 1235.  [ Email me ] ... posted 03 Jun 2020
  • LIVE FRESH WATER FISH - I am looking for fresh water fish for a fish tank I have set up for my 92 year old Grandma. Please if you have healthy fishes you would like to give away contact me.  [ Email me ] ... posted 02 Jun 2020
  • GAS CYLINDER WANTED - Gas cylinder and gas cooker wanted, if there is someone with one not in use. I don't have money to buy in a shop.  [ Email me ] ... posted 27 May 2020
  • CREOSOTE POLES WANTED - 4x approximately 3.6m poles wanted. About 100 mm in diameter.  [ Email me ] ... posted 23 May 2020
  • DOLLS CLOTHES - Looking for Dolls Clothes to fit 35cm Doll. I would like to buy for my 5 year old granddaughter. My cell number is 0827823512. Not Barbie Doll clothes.  [ Email me ] ... posted 15 May 2020
  • LOOKING FOR CHEMICAL SUPPLIERS IN PE - I'm looking for suppliers of chemicals that include sodium sulphate, soda ash, sless, colour speckles, caustic soda, bermacol, formalin.  [ Email me ] ... posted 14 May 2020
  • PUSH LAWNMOWER - I am also looking for a push lawnmower with a grassbox.  [ Email me ] ... posted 11 May 2020
  • PUSH LAWNMOWER WANTED - Looking for push lawnmower with grassbox. Need for my dad's lawn.  [ Email me ] ... posted 09 May 2020
  • LOOKING FOR DONATIONS - My name is Anthony, I am a group leader with young people who are looking for instruments. We are still new and no finance to buy so anyone can help please contact me 0676358514 or my email anthonybakers1972@gmail.com. Groups name is Godsworshipers.  [ Email me ] ... posted 07 May 2020
  • POOL SAFETY NET - I am looking for a pool safety net or lengths of pool fencing.  [ Email me ] ... posted 30 Apr 2020
  • STATIONARY EXERCISE BIKE - Pls whatsapp on 0735743985. Stationary Exercise Bike wanted pls.  [ Email me ] ... posted 26 Apr 2020
  • SEEKING WHEELBARROW - Elderly widow wants to purchase wheelbarrow and stepladder. Also weedeater electric and lawnmower electric. In working order.  [ Email me ] ... posted 19 Apr 2020
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