Classified Ads - Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a Classified Ad?

Ads are usually placed for a period of 3 months, after which they will automatically cease to display.  If you need your ad removed before then for any reason, this has to be manually done by our office.  Procedure is as follows:

When you submit your Classified Ad from our website, you will receive an email confirming the details and including an email link containing a unique code.  We suggest you save this email, then if you need your ad removed, simply click on the link and send the resulting email to us.  If you longer have the email, you can email us at giving your name and sufficient details for us to identify your ad.


How do I pay for an Ad?

If you submit an ad under one of our non-free categories, we will email you an invoice with our bank details within 24 hours of your submission.  Please note that payment is strictly due on invoice.  When making payment, please quote the invoice number or your name as a reference.  At  our discretion, we may validate your ad for placement before we have received proof of payment.


What about Scammers?

We are aware that some of our advertisers have been receiving dubious replies to ads placed.

While we screen ads placed to the best of our ability, there is of course no way to screen replies.  Please just remember the old business principle of "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer beware). It is an unfortunate fact of life that there ARE cons and scammers out there. The best advice is to exercise common sense.

 - More info about scams and urban legends: