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Bay’s dysfunctionality reignites Civil Society Coalition

Press realease

Source: Nelson Mandela Bay Civil Society Coalition
Date Added: 2022-04-12

Category: General NewsIssues - GeneralIssues - Politics
The state of dysfunctionality in Nelson Mandela Bay has reignited the Nelson Mandela Bay Civil Society Coalition to take action, as political instability has rendered the Metro incapable of delivering basic services to communities and businesses.

The coalition is a multi-stakeholder group comprised of representatives from diverse organisations and backgrounds who have a common goal of serving the best interests of the citizens by driving solutions to address a multitude of challenges facing the Metro.

The group, with key priority areas such as ensuring political stability in the city, rebuilding a functional municipality, and driving actions which will lead to the resurgence of Mandela Bay, is led by Monga Peter as Chairperson, with Neville Goldman as Vice-Chairperson.

Organisations which are represented in the collation include the Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leader Network, South African Council of Churches,  elson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, National African Federal Chamber of Commerce, Nelson Mandela University, South African National Coalition, South African NGO Coalition, NAFA Sport, Community Policing Board, Master Builders Association, South African Civic Organisation, Senior Citizens Association and the South Africa Property Owners Association. Additional representative organisations and are mooted to also join the Coalition over the next few weeks.

Peter says the alarming dysfunctional state of the Metro has driven the need to reignite the group. “The situation has become untenable. It has caused the collapse of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and even more concerning, our Metro is now at high risk of poverty and unemployment levels further escalating.”

In its charter, the group has focused on adopting shared common values which are aimed at putting the best interests of the Metro, its stakeholders and residents.

“We represent a united voice and in our mandate are guided by a need to uphold the highest ethical standards. While we will be dealing with many socio and political challenges, however, we remain apolitical and have no affiliation to any political formation,” says Peter.

He emphasises that the group will adopt an aligned positioning on identified issues to ensure consistency of advocacy and lobbying efforts, while driving positive actions which will help to get the Metro working again.

“We intend forming strong partnerships with key stakeholders and valued citizens of the Metro to ensure that we all work towards a shared vision of resurging our city so that it can begin to work again. Achieving stability at a political and council level is key in ensuring delivery of services to communities and getting economic stability is in place so that much needed jobs can be retained and created,” he said.
Source: Nelson Mandela Bay Civil Society Coalition
Date Added: 2022-04-12

Category: General NewsIssues - GeneralIssues - Politics
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